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“The power plant of the future is here. It’s the home.”

Energy industry headlines like these began popping up 5 years ago. Distributed generation technologies, once understood only by industry professionals, has been made simple to understand in the general consumer media. Beneficial technologies like solar have taught even the casual observer that there’s money to be saved and environmental gains to made at home. 

Homeowners now get it. Their interest has been piqued. And now they want more. BRASH will deliver with a greener, less expensive, more resilient power appliance.

BRASH was built to meet homeowners’ rising expectations to use their homes as their own personal power plant. The lane we’ve chosen is to drive consumers to expect more from their everyday “heat only” gas or propane boiler that makes heat and only heat for over 50 years. BRASH will challenge the traditional “heat-only” furnace mindset and show homeowners how simple it is to cut their energy bills, and cut emissions too, with BRASH.   

BRASH is an affordable home energy system that makes both heat and electricity. It’s done in much the same way large industrial and commercial businesses have successfully used combined heat and power (CHP) systems for decades. With BRASH, homeowners who heat with gas or propane won’t be dependent on the power company for their electricity any longer. They, and thousands of home energy system installers, are going to learn how a furnace that once accounted for just heat, can also generate all the electric power a home needs. Reliable and cleaner baseload power. Even during a power failure. 

There’s no question that CHP works for the C&I sector. But there are no residential CHP units of any quantity in North America. Early home CHP products were either too big, too noisy or too complex, requiring assembly on site. BRASH is none of those things. But it’s price that has in the past and will continue to determine the widespread use of residential CHP. We understand. Payback on a BRASH system is 3-4 years. By any measure, getting both heat and electric power from a BRASH CHP will be an economic boon for North America’s 60+ million natural gas/propane users. And back-stop increasingly unreliable grid power.

BRASH CHP will also complement home solar installations by providing additional heat and power on those cold February nights. BRASH also becomes the first step to lower energy costs, and lower emissions, for the many homes that are not candidates for solar, due to rooftop shading, orientation or other factors. It just makes sense. Using clean, plentiful fuels like natural gas and propane more efficiently on site with CHP is the right energy mix for today’s homeowners. It begins the transition for millions of homeowners to a renewable energy future.

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