Watch an old movie from the 30s or 40s and you’ll see homes haven’t changed a lot, except for the stuff inside: TVs, kitchen appliances, and phones.  We still burn fuel in the basement for heat, and still have power delivered to a corner of the house.

Some homes have roofs of sufficient size and proper orientation to support a photovoltaic (PV) solar array for power, but in the New England area about three-quarters of homes can’t support a home’s average power demand of 1kW from PV alone.  So, most of us are stuck with a fire in the basement and a wire to the corner of the roof—and heat and power bills that seem to increase every year.

Upgrading your heat-only furnace to a BRASH combined heat and power system would reduce your annual energy cost by shifting your power demand to a fraction of the heat coming from your furnace.  The power generated from your BRASH unit is compatible with PV solar generated power, so inverters, interconnects and batteries are common to both.

Those three-quarters of NE homeowners denied PV (particularly because of winter solar declination) have the option of a hybrid system with PV on the roof and BRASH in the basement. 

The goal is increased grid resiliency through reduced and predictable demand. If that means a lower power bill, that’s okay too.

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