BRASH has completed its product development stage and now producing twenty units for installation in labs and test sites. After introducing BRASH to natural gas and propane professionals as well as HVAC, solar installers and others all over North America, affiliate members of the nationally recognized Gas Technology Institute (GTI) voted to support BRASH product testing at GTI’s Chicago lab in spring 2020.


Four of these early 1.3kW residential CHP units are at the KoffmanIncubator in Binghamton, NY awaiting delivery to test sites. By fall 2020 BRASH wants to be delivering commercial products to HVAC contractors for installation. There is also BRASH test unit installed at a U.S. Department of Energy test lab in Austin TX. Letters from many gas utility executive say CHP at a residential scale is of great interest to their organizations and they are willing to evaluate BRASH’s CHP technology for their residential and commercial customers. Several utilities have offered test sites and local technical support.


HVAC and solar contractors know residential CHP can grow their businesses. BRASH has identified a number of installer businesses in the northeast U.S. who are interested in working with BRASH. As BRASH continues to educate consumers and look for the best applications for mCHPsystems, confidence is high that residential CHP  systems can be offered to homeowners for a  fraction of the cost of current mCHPsystems available on the market.