News and Updates

November 1, 2018: BRASH Power's Home CHP Boiler Replacement Appliance Featured In University Energy Incubator Blog Post

Dec 16, 2017: BRASH was chosen to participate in the CleanTech Open Global Forum in San Francisco. February 5-11, 2017.  If you’re attending, please stop by to introduce yourself. BRASH was a CTO semi-finalist in 2012.

Dec 7-8, 2017: We’ll be attending the NYSERDA CHP Conference and Expo, in Manhattan.  For more information on the Conference (12/7) and Expo (12/8) please visit this website:

Dec 6-7, 2017: We’ll be attending the Northeast Venture Summit, Boston. 
( Please look for BRASH name tags and introduce yourself!


Nov 22, 2017:  BRASH’s latest patent ( # 9,499,056) was issued.  This patent addresses power cycle control issues related to start up, power ramp up and end of power cycle.

Nov 14, 2017: We’ll be exhibiting at the CT Technology Council Exhibition, in Hartford. Please stop by our booth and introduce yourself!


Oct 28, 2017: Tesla introduces the PowerWall 2.0 power management and storage solution for PV Solar installations.  (This is a great example of green energy solutions that will find use beyond those homes that are suitable for PV solar.  “Solar-denied” homes and businesses can use the PowerWall 2.0 to generate and store power cleanly and efficiently.) 


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