The BRASH STRAUM unit is the first comprehensive energy appliance installed inside the home as a direct replacement for an existing boiler or furnace that uses gas or other fuels to make steam-based electric power, room heat and hot water.


The company has interest from a number of gas utilities across North American for one of the 16 UL-certified STRAUM units in initial production that are expected to be designated for utility field testing this winter. Private contractors in the Northeast have also interested in purchasing STRAUM units for their customers. 

 backup generators that have to be sited outdoors and limited to a backup role, because of theirnoise and high exhaust emissions.


"The primary heating cycle is used to generate electrical power, and the residual heat from that cycle is used for room heat, hot water, and very soon: air conditioning," said BRASH President Michael J. Brookman.  "BRASH’s patented air-steam hybrid technology makes power on demand in the basement or utility room, eliminating concerns about grid outages and high power bills. The first test articles have been in near-continuous operation since March 2018. That’s not such a feat for the boiler portion - it’s a conventional home-scaled boiler - but the focus of the testing was reliability generating 2-4 kW of power to meet all the household power needs.“ 


The performance data on the STRAUM unit was developed at our European facility. BRASH is now installing the first US-bound test products at the Koffman Southern Tier Clean Energy Incubator (SCI) at Binghamton University in Binghamton, New York. Additional testing is scheduled to begin later this month in a DOE-affiliated home energy research setting.


The new BRASH STRAUM received rave reviews from gas utilities representatives when it was publically exhibited for the first time at the October 9-11 Energy Solutions Center (ESC) conference in Detroit, Michigan U.S.A. ESC is the primary training and education organization for gas utility marketing, sales and customer support representatives from throughout North America. 


 “As we continue to educate consumers and look for the best applications for mCHP systems, it’s very encouraging to see new products like the BRASH system move towards a fully commercially-available mCHP product that is projected to be a fraction of the cost of current mCHP systems available on the market," said Energy Solutions Center's Eric Burgis. "This new product from BRASH should provide excellent paybacks for homes using boilers for heating, and any small commercial facility that has a need for a lot of hot water.” 


Aside from the heat and power available from the current STRAUM unit, BRASH is developing an air conditioning accessory to provide year-round comfort, and efficient power generation. This desiccant chiller accessory can convert waste heat to cool and dry comfort during summer months. 



“One might think that the state of the art for steam power generation has long been mature and void of new innovation," said James Leidel of DTE Energy who visited the BRASH booth at ESC in Detroit. "Nonetheless, BRASH has created a new steam-air hybrid power generation cycle that allows for a very wide power range, fast startup, and flexible control of their new 5 kilowatt micro-CHP, boiler and power unit."

The quiet, internal combustion steam application developed by BRASH that generates heat and power from a single burn, is more customer-friendly when compared to conventional

Next year, BRASH will transfer its European production operation to the US.  In 2020, BRASH plans to expand the product line to include small commercial systems. Other product makers have brought CHP designs to the residential market. BRASH expects to deliver heat and power at a market low $8-12K installed cost, resulting in an unmatched 2-4 year payback.

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